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knee arthroscopic drape
Item No.: 1.2.3


Drape sheets with a low-profile,room pouch to collect fluids flowing from the operative site during arthroscopic knee surgery.

1. Product summary:

a. Product Name/Family:Knee Arthroscopic Drape/Orthopedic Surgery
b. Description:Drape sheets with a low-profile,roomy pouch to collect fluids flowing from the operative site during arthroscopic knee surgery.

Product Benefits:
-Fluid control pouch collects and contains fluids to help keep patient and bed dry,and to help minimize the risk of body fluid exposure to health care personnel.

-Drape fabric creates an impervious barrier to inhibit fluid strikethrough and to help eliminate the need to add other drape or towel layers,saving time and money.

-Fluid control pouch attached to drape for easy,on-drape application to save time and money.

-Arthroscopy sheets are available individually,in a standard pack,or in custom trays to meet your institution'needs.

-Sheet with pouch offers dual apertures that help with effective fluid collection for multiple knee possitions.

2.Product safety:
     ISO 13458,CE Certificate

3.Product composition
Material:Blue SMS      Medical Insice drape

4. Labeling/Packaging:
     Shipped in appropriate shipping cartons that is adequate to protect the components
against moisture,contamination,particulate,foreign matter,damage and/or loss.

5. Shelf Life/Storage Conditions/Indication
Shelf Life:4 years
Storage Conditions:Store in dry conditions,avoid direct sunlight,extreme temperatures 
and high humidity.

1).For single use only,discard after use.
2).Do not store in direct sunlight,at extreme temperatures or in high humidity.
3).Do not use if pachage is open or damaged.

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