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Full-Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus
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1. diagnosis of abdomen, thyroid, liver, kidney, spleen, bladder 
2. convex probe,linear probe,trans-vaginal probe 
3. low price


Full-Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus


General menu: Abdomen(Distance, circumference, area, volume)

Gynecology menu: Distance, U.T, ENDO, CX-L, O

3.5MHZ Probe:

abdomen,liver,gallbladder,pancreas,spleen,kidney,uterus,thyroid,bladder and so on.
6.5MHZ Probe:gynaecology vagina.
7.5MHZ Probe:little organs,mammary gland,epidermal tissue,lymph gland and so on.


First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image

1.Full-digital beam image formation technology

2.Double inserted probe identifies automatically

3.Generating clinical report automatically

4.The whole dynamic receiving focusing

5.High–precision digital scan conversion DSC

6.Backlit silica gel keyboard, photoelectricity track control

7.Intelligentized TGC gain control of the whole paragraph 8

8.Advanced technology to ensure that the SMT placement machine reliability

Luxuriant image processing:

Scanning mode : convex/ linear/ micro-convex

Display : 10 inch non-interlaced monitor

Display mode : B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M.

Detecting depth : 220mm

Lateral resolution ≤2mm (depth≤80mm)

                ≤3mm (80< depth≤130mm)

Axial resolution  ≤1mm (depth≤80mm)

               ≤ 2mm (80< depth≤130mm)

Blind Zone ≤3 mm

Geometry precision  lateral≤5% ,axial≤5%

Gray scale : 256

Magnification : ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, × 1.5,×1 .8, ×2.0 Local zoom

Dynamic scope :  0~100dB, visible & adjustable

Electronical focusing multi-point or dynamic focusing

Pseudo color : 16

Measurement :  distance, perimeter, area, heart rate, gestational week (BPD, CRL, GS, FL,  HC).

Note : ID, gender, age, hospital, doctor, comment, date, time.

Body marks : 16

Probe interface : 2

Puncture guide : The puncture guide line can be displayed under B mode.

Gain control : The total gain, 8-segment TGC

Image conversion : up/ down, left / right, black / white

Cine loop : 256 frames

Image review : Images can be reviewed successively or checked one by one.

Image storage:128

Video output : SVGA (SVGA color monitor), PAL-D

Main power supply : AC220V±22V, 50/60Hz

Standard Configuration:

10 inch CRT

3.5MHz Multi-frequency convex probe


6.5MHz High frequency Trans-vaginal probe

  • urogenital probe

  • urogenital probe

  • urogenital probe

  • Vaginal speculum (Fastener Type )

  • Gynecology Chair

  • gynecological speculum

  • Full-Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Apparatus

  • CASSETTE for HCG Pregnancy Test

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