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Microplate Reader
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Detection Method: Absorbance

Measurement Modes: Endpoint and Kinetic

Scan function: High resolution scanning. Up to 29 points/well

Light Source: LED Calibration: Self calibrating

Plate Type: 96 (8x12), 48 (4x12) flat-, U- and V-bottom

Wavelength Range: 400nm - 700nm

Measurement channels: 8

Indication Range: 0.000 4.500 OD

Resolution: 0.001 OD (Indication increment)

Accuracy:<±0.5% at 1.0 OD (492 nm)

Linearity: <±0.75% and ± 0.005 OD from 0.1- 3.0 OD

              <±1.5% and ± 0.005 OD from 3.0- 3.5 OD

Repeatability: <0.15% at 1.0 OD

Measurement time: 5 sec single wavelength, 8 sec dual wavelength (kinetic interval)

Filters: up to 8. Standard 405nm, 450, 492, 620

Shaking: 3 modes

Dimensions: 33.5cm x 20.5cm x 47.0 cm (w x h x l)

Weight: ~13.0kg net

Power supply: external

voltage range: 100-240VAC ±10%, 47-63Hz

Data connections:Serial Interface RS232 (9-pin), USB 2.0

Operating: temperature: 10°C to 40°C

humidity: 15%-85% RH non-condens.

Storage: temperature: -10°C to 50°C

humidity: <95% RH non-condensing

Scope of supply: Instrument with 4 filters (405, 450, 492,

620nm), power supply, serial cable, USB cable, AUTOsoft

Control and Evaluation Software (Windows®) and user manual on CD

Other filters: on request

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