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Air-compressing nebulizer
Item No.:

nebulizer with reliable quality motor 
1.nebulizer with low noise 
2.nebulizer make big fog 
3.nebulizer useful life over 5 year

Item name: compressor nebulizer

Nebulizer function:

Aerosol therapy of asthma,allergies and other respiratory disorders

This COMPRESSOR NEBULIZER sprayed liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air,and form tiny particles,which flow into the throat through imbibing tube.It adopts oil-free-high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is with low noise,tiny particles.Our compressor nebulizer is an ideal product for family and medical units'use.


For the successful treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. Creating a stream of air that travels through the clear tube to the nebulizer, which converts medication into aerosol mist for easy inhalation
1). Compact and lightweight
2). Built-in handle designing, convenient accessories holding area
3). Easy-to-use, one-button operation
4). Breath-enhanced nebulizer design for shorter treatment time

5). 2-10ML medication capacity

6). Ideal for all ages


Technic Parameter:

1.Maximum compressor pressure≥0.15Mpa
2.Compressor free air flow:≥10L/min
3.Maximum nebulization rate ≥0.30mL/min
4.Sound level:≤55dB(A)
5.Particle size:0.5-10um
7.Compressor Pressure Range:360KPA-420KPA
8.Operation pressure range:8-16psi/50-100kpa

9. >5 hours continuous operation

10.robust ball bearing piston motor 
11.quiet operation < 55dB 
12.5 year limited warranty


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