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urine analyzer
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automatic urine analyzer Yercon made 120times/h,test chemical strip 10para,CE ISO13485:2003,Glucose,protein,Blood,pH,MA,anti-Vc

YE-120 Urine Analyzer

Tech. parameters& Features

Test items:   Leucocytes,Nitrite,Urobilinogen,Protein,pH,Blood,Ascorbic Acid, Specific Gravity,Ketone,Bilirubin,Glucose

Strips available: 8parameters 10parameters 11parameters

Test Principle: To be tested by reflectance of ultrahigh cool light source of single color.

Single Color Wave: 470nm    525nm    660nm

Test Speed:  120times/h, 60times/h, optional

Data Base Memo: 1000lab test reports

LCD: All test data and times are displayed on the screen. Internal thermal printer, with external printer interface.

Standard RS232 interface may be connected with computer and transfer the data.

Adopting automatic waste handling equipment which avoids cross-contamina-

tion between samples.

Language: Chinese, English, Optional

Power Supply: AC220V  50-60HZ

Capacity : 100W

Net Weight: 4.0kgs

Outer Dimensions: 350x320x150mm

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