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Medical Diagnostic X Ray Machine
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Direct jet CCD sensor technology which is on the top, digital fluoroscopy managing system, the tube and detector automatically matching in the middle and detecting. great image managing, and supporting DICOM and network appliance.


Standard configuration:

1 detector; 

1 generator,

1 tube,

1 multi-purposed hanging detector,

1 diagnosis station,

Performance characteristic: 1, double bed double barrel dispositions, single-phase bridge-type full wave high pressure rectification. 2, is equipped with X ray tube capacity protection, the rotating anode to start the protection, the photographic time limit protection, the perspective load time accumulation installment as well as X ray tube overheated protection and so on multiple protections, thus has guaranteed the operator and patient's safety. 3, the PC3 photography bed surface of bed vertically and horizontally to may the nimble movement, be able to receive installs the respective photographic camera obscura, the easy to operate, the handsome appearance. 4, the spot piece specification variety are many, the operation easy to operate, diagnoses the bed to be equipped with a radiation and the scattering protection, thus has guaranteed the operator and patient's safety. 5, is suitable for each medium, the small hospital makes the X-ray perspective, selects the piece photography, to filter the line photography, sternum photography. main parameter:150 supply voltage: 380V (220V) ±10% are suitable perspective: Maximum current greatest voltage 125KV photography: Maximum current 200mA, greatest voltage 150KV X ray tube module: Bifocus diagnosis bed lathe bed slewing area: - 5°~0°~90° piece specification: May make the entire piece, two laminations and four character piece the photography bed absorbs the piece specification: 5 " ×7 " ~14 "

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